Paint Tool SAI 2 Beta

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    • Neue Technische Preview erschienen :=D:

      SAI2 64bit - 2020-04-10 Technical Preview (Zip File, 2.8M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2020-04-10 Technical Preview (Zip File, 2.6M)

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      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Import settings from old Ver.1] Ver.1 fails loading of settings if Ver.2 is running after importing.
      (The settings of Ver.1 are recovered when close Ver.2 and restart Ver.1)

      - [Layer List] When the list is scrolled and there is a bottom margin, the list slips down 1px each time you switch the current layer etc.

      - [Brush Tools] Even if changed the brush size to 500 or more, the brush size revert to 500 when restarted SAI.

      - [Brush Tools] The stabilizer setting is reset when duplicate a tool.

      - [Brush Tools] Bristle strokes begins slightly thicker even if [Min Size] is 0.

      - [Linework Layer] Control points may not be editable.

      - [Window Control] SAI freezes when the desktop resolution is changed while using File Viewer.

      - [Multi-Core Processing] The program will not work properly if there are more than 32 cores.


      - [Brush Tools] Tweaked the texture effect on thin brushes to be more natural.

      - [Brush Tools] Tweaked the drawing result of bristles closer to Ver.1.

      - [Brush Tools] Added setting to disable correction of stroke distortion added in 2020-01-19 version to sai2.ini.
      ([PenTablet] -> DisableAntiStrokeDistortion)

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...
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