Paint Tool SAI 2 Beta

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    • Ich habe mal gefragt ob dieses Jahr noch Sai 2 rauskommt hier die antwort.


      Sorry, I do not know the release date of the first formal release of SAI2 yet.
      It may be between end of 2016 to middle of 2017.

      However I will be able to implement the functions same as Ver.1 before next summer.

      Thank you.

      -Koji Komatsu

      Hier die Neue Technical Preview Version of SAI2 :i-can-fly:

      SAI2 64bit - 2016-01-19 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.1M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2016-01-19 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.0M)
    • Da gibt jetzt der herr Koji Komatsu aber Stoff :brb: 2016-01-22 neue Features und fixes

      SAI2 64bit - 2016-01-24 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.1M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2016-01-24 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.0M)


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Change Canvas Resolution] The canvas size turns out as 0px x 0px when changed the printing resolution if the size unit is %.

      - [Layer] SAI freezes when the scrollbar of color and tool panels switched visibility by layer change on edit.

      - [Linework Layer] Pressure contol points break when connect strokes.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [SAI2 File] Loading of .sai2 file fails if the .sai file includes perspective ruler or perspective grid.


      [New Features]

      - Create canvas by clipboard data

      - Recent files

      - Close canvas

      - Copy layer on different canvases.
      (Drag layer item to other view from the layer list)

      - Reset position for view (Hand tool, Zoom tool)

      - Reset angle for view (Rotate tool)

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Tool] The names is switched between Lasso tool and Magic Wand tool.

      - [Layer] A layer item does not scrooll-in on the layer list by Select & Move operation.

      - [Layer] An access violation occurs when transfer a linework layer or a shape layer.

      - [Selection] Erosion and Dilation bring an access violation.

      - [PSD File] An access violation occurs on "Change Canvas Size" dialog and "Change Canvas Size" dialog with misusing for size unit in PSD file.

      - [Shorcut Key] The change for shortcut key not apply to the main menu while SAI is running.

      - [Gradation Tool] After creation of a gradation tool, an access violation occurs when reverse the direction.


      - [Gradation Tool] Improve the quality of gradation.

      - [Gradation Tool] Always hit a nearest control point of the guide.
    • Heute(fixes)/Gesten(neue Features) :=D: ist eine neue Technical Preview erschienen.


      [New Features]

      - File format support for JPEG, PNG and TGA

      - File loading support for SAI Ver.1 format(*.sai)

      - HSV/HSL Slider, Color Mixer, Swatches
       (Scratch Pad will be discontinued)

      - Shortcut keys for layer visibility

      - Shortcut keys for layer item selection on the layer list

      - Shortcut keys for syringe

      - Merge Visible Layers, Flatten Image

      - Dilate Selection 1px, Erode Selection 1px

      - Filters
       + Hue/Satulation
       + Brightness/Contrast
       + Gaussian Blur

      - Visibility option for Brush Size Circle

      - Dot Cursor for Brush Tools

      - Painting Mode for Brush Tools
    • Oh mein Gott :omg: es sind in der zwischenzeit schon 8 Technical Preview erschienen.
      Wie konnte ich das nur übersehen :huh-:
      Naja dann will ich mal nachtragen!

      Die letzten neuerungen zu Version vom 11.12.2016

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Separated Panels] Buttons do not work.

      - [Scrubby Zoom] Sometimes does not work correctly.

      - [Linework Layer] The freezing bug fixed on 2016-11-11 version is not fixed completely.

      - [System File Dialog] Cannot open multiple files.

      Die alten neuerungen von den letzen 7 Versionen findest ihr im Spoiler wer nachlesen will!

      Spoiler anzeigen


      [New Features]

      - Separation for the user interface panels.

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [View] Access violation occurs when rotated a view between 180 to 360 degrees in the following conditions;
      The vertical resolution of the screen is aligned to 32px, In the full screen mode, The user interface panels are hidden,
      The scroll bars of view are hidden

      - [Linework Layer] Internal order of pressure CPs breaks when moved multiple pressure CPs.

      - [Linework Layer] Program freezes for a while when erased a stroke that the above bug occurred.

      - [Selection] "Dilate Selection 1px" does not work correctly.

      - [Straight Ruler] "Lock Pivot" in the context menu does not work.

      - [Brush Tools] Guide line from the end of the last stroke appears in the straight line draw mode when pressed Shift key.

      - [Pen Tool] Last control point is always created as pointed CP.

      - [Magic Wand and Bucket Tool] Access violation occurs when the selection source folder is invisible.


      - [Layer] "Transfer Painting into Next Layer" changed to obtain same result as Ver.1.

      - [Zoom Tool] [Rectangular Zoom] and [Scrubby Zoom] operations added.

      - [Pressure Tool] Changed to display the puressure rate on a view.

      - [Brush Tool] Changed to display the guide circle and the brush size on a view.

      - [Syringe] Changed the internal background color to white when the background color of canvas is transparent.

      - [Tools] Changed to assign a shortcut key as the virtual key code.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Layer] Program runs out of control when copied a layer folder that includes the current layer.

      - [Brush Tools] Pressure sensitivity trackbars do not work.

      - [File Viewer] Image metrics always display as 0 x 0 in "Details" mode.

      - [File Viewer] Image metrics information for *.sai files are not created.


      - [File Viewer] Changed to display the image metrics of a pointed file item.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Canvas] A light grayed border appears on the edge of a canvas when created selection.

      - [Reverse and Rotate Canvas] Selection is ignored.

      - [Layer] An ordinal of layer name is interpreted as an octal number when added '0' before ordinal. Leading '0' is removed.

      - [Layer] A layer name is erased when named a layer as numerals only.

      - [Selection] Selection appears as broken after moved/reversed/rotated selection and hid the selection and undo the operation.

      - [Text Tool] Copy and paste does not work.

      - [Eraser Tool(for Linework)] Pointed curves converted as pointed contol points.

      - [File Viewer] Cannot open a folder by double click in the files list on the save mode.

      - [File Viewer] Cannot open shortcut.

      - [SAI Format] An error sometimes occurs when opened *.sai file.

      - [Dialogs] Some dialogs are always displayed in the primary-monitor.


      - [Layer] Changed to insert the copied layers before the current layer.

      - [Layer] Changed to keep the appearance(that related to opacity and effect) of the result when merged two normal layers simply.

      - [Selection] Changed to keep the invisibility of selection after moved/reversed/rotated the selection.


      [New Features]

      - File Viewer

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Change Canvas Size] 'Extension for Each Side' does not work if the width and hight was not changed.

      - [Floater] Program runs out of control when decided the transformation on outer of canvas.

      - [Layer] Program is frozen when apply "Select CPs in Selection" or "Select Strokes with Selection" to a layer folder.

      - [Layer] Some near layers are embroiled to the deletion in merging of a clipping group.

      - [Layer] The visibility and the opened status is not inherited to the copied layers and folders.

      - [Layer] A merged layer is inserted as wrong level if the layer is the bottom item of a folder.

      - [Layer] A rasterized layer is inserted as wrong level if the layer is the bottom item of a folder.

      - [Layer] The order of layers become reverse when paste the layers into a layer folder.

      - [Layer] Reverse Horizontal for view does not apply to the nudge operations.

      - [Layer] Perspective ruler/grid become un-deletable when create the rulers on the parent layer of clipping group.

      - [Layer] Show Alone mode does not work for the layers deeper than two levels from the target layer.

      - [Layer] The closed folders do not opened when selected a layer in those folders by Select & Move operation.

      - [Layer] Select & Move does not work if selection is existing.

      - [Layer List] The scroll position is reset when changed canvas.

      - [SAI/PSD Format] The ordinal of the layer is reset when open a file.

      - [Swatch] The color slots do not extend correctly.

      - [Tool Shift] Tool shift takes malfunction when pressed Caps key.

      - [Text Tool] Nudge does not work if the text frame has key input focus.


      - [Layer List] Changed the design a litte.

      - [Layer List] Changed the eye icon color for the ancestors and the offspring of a layer that showed alone.

      - [Layer List] Changed to treat transparent color as black. (Canceled the change that applied in 2016-07-30 Version)

      - [Linework Layer] Changed the behavior of the perspective parameter for transformation to similar to Ver.1.

      - [Perspective Ruler/Grid] Adjusted the opacity of the guide lines.

      - [Perspective Grid] Rotation operation added. (Alt + drag CP)

      - [View] The setting about the scroll range of view added. (Option dialog)

      - [Straight Line Mode/Gradation Tool] The snap angles for 45 degrees added.

      - [Brush Tools] The operation to draw straight line added. (Shift + Click);

      - [Water Color Tool] Changed the default settings to similar feeling to Ver.1 (Amplify Dens. = 0 -> 50, Ver1 Prs. Spec. = OFF -> ON)

      - [Pen Tool] Changed to restrict the hook of start of stroke and end of a stroke.

      - [Eraser Tool(for Linework)] The settings for Vectorization added.

      - [Curve/Line Tool] Changed to back to the plot mode when undo the finish of the plot.

      And some other small changes and small bug fixes...


      [New Features]

      - Shortcuts for layer mask operations.

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Layer Mask] Apply button and Link button on layer list item do not work.

      - [Canvas] The position of un-linked Layer mask is not moved when the canvas size was changed.

      - [Selection] Some square halls appears when dilate or erode the selection.

      - [Transform] When transformed layers with selection, the floaters do not come to be able to operate if the bottom floater is empty.

      - [Text Tool] Access violation occurs when changed the scaling of user interface.

      - [Brush Tools] Heavy delay for drawing occurs on some bristles.

      - [Bucket Tool] Tile form artifacts appear when filling a region with a transparent color.

      - [Color Adjustment] Preview checkbox does not affect layers other than the top layer in the multi selected layers.


      - [Layer Mask] Changed to treat transparent color as white.


      [New Features]

      - Cut, Copy and Paste operation for linework layer and shape layer.

      - Shortcuts for layer attributes.

      - Shortcuts for view switching.

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Navigator] The scale track bar and the angle track bar does not work correctly.

      - [Navigator] The position indicater does not update.

      - [Layer] Access violation occurs when operate an empty layer folder on the bottom of the layer list.

      - [Layer Mask] Paint color has inconsistency if the layer mask is the invert mode.

      - [Layer Merge] Access violation occurs when a clipping group includes an invisible layer.

      - [Layer Merge] When merge a clipping group, invisible layers stay after merging.

      - [Linework Layer] Sometimes internal selection status of paths are kept after deselection.

      - [Linework Layer] After reverse or 90deg rotation, cannot operate paths.

      - [Gaussian Blur] Does not apply blur correctly when pixel opacity is preserved.

      - [Lasso Tool] Polygonal subtraction does not work if Alt key is not pressed when finishing plot.

      - [Bucket Tool] The regions that have same color as paint color are not excluded from fill.

      - [Pressure Tool] CCannot change the density pressures.


      - [Layer Merge] The restriction about a clipping-group on multi selection is removed.

      - [Brush Tool] Changed the blending operation for size circle to same operation on Ver.1.

      And some other small changes and small bug fixes...


      [New Features]

      - Create Selection by Layer Folder

      - Nudge for a transformation image by the arrow keys.

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Color Mixer] Cannot register color after picked up color from Color Mixer.

      - [Navigator] The scale track bar and the angle track bar does not work correctly.

      - [Canvas] Layer thumbnail breaks if the canvas size is larger than 256M pixels.

      - [Canvas] Reverse Canvas and Rotate Canvas does not process layer mask.

      - [Layer] Cannot transfer layer between canvases by drag and drop operation.

      - [Layer] Cannot apply color adjustment filters for a layer folder.

      - [Layer] Apply Layer Mask button is enabled for a layer other than normal layer.

      - [Shape Layer] Cannot transform shapes.

      - [Brush Tools] The sliders do not accept operation on the brush tool popup window(Ctrl+Alt).

      - [Brush Tools] The dot mouse cursor is not appears for Eraser, Binary Pen and Pen tools.


      - [Layer] Changed to be able to cut, copy and move images in a folder with selection when a layer folder is selected.

      - [Layer] Select and Move Layer feature is enabled even if a selection is existing.

      - [Layer] Changed to be able to select a layer by click on the thumbnail space.

      - [Panels] Changed to be able to open a layer property and a tool property by a double click.

      - [Fringe/Layer Paper] Adjusted the color effect.

      - [Fringe/Layer Paper] "Deep" mode and "Multiply" mode added.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Recent Files] SAI stops by error when the recent files list is empty.

      - [Canvas Save/Load] Canvas background color is not handled correctly.

      - [SAI Floamt] Layer mask is not loaded correctly.

      - [JPEG Format] Error popups appears on the bottom-right of window when try to load CMYK colored JPEG file.

      - [Layer] Access violation occurs when a sole image layer is deleted.

      - [History] SAI sometimes malfunctions when undo images outside Canvas.


      - [SAI Format] Changed to display a notification when try to load *.sai file that created by SAI of the beta test age.

      Direktlinks zum Download EN Version

      SAI2 64bit - 2016-11-12 Technical Preview
      SAI2 32bit - 2016-11-12 Technical Preview
    • Am 24.12.2016 ist eine Neue Technical Preview erschienen.
      Mittlerweile gibt es schon wieder 5 Versionen dazwischen. :bomb:

      Die letzten Neuerungen zu Version vom 24.12.2016


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Layer] Show Layer Alone function does not work.

      - [Open Canvas] A current layer is not recovered.

      - [Shape Layers] When deform stroke with grabbing a curve segment, the previous CP of the curve segment is grabbing too.

      - [Transform] When the resampling mode is [Lanczos 3], an error occurs when scaling down to very small.

      - [Text Layer] Text color is not changed when select a color from Swatch.

      - [Text Layer] When text has selection, the text color is changed even if the current tool is not Text tool.

      - [Text Tool] The parameters of tool are not saved.

      - [Bucket Tool] Selection is ignored for the detection of a region.

      - [File Viewer] Always show Desktop when save a new canvas.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...

      Die alten neuerungen von den letzen 5 Versionen findest ihr im Spoiler wer nachlesen will!

      Spoiler anzeigen

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Shortcut Keys] The version that you run first is "Preview.2016.12.12", An access violations occurs when open "Shortcut Keys" Dialog.
      (The shortcut key of tools will be broken if this error occured. If you obtained this error, please delete "settings2.ssd" in
      "<My Documents>\SYSTEMAX Software Development\SAI2 Demo" folder)


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Paint Engine] Access violations occur when paint something speedy on a big canvas.

      - [Floater] Image data is sometimes destroyed when used brush immediately after transformation of cut image.

      - [Floater] Selection is created from only the last layer when floater is created from multiple layers.

      - [Layer] The preview of "Outline" does not work when floater is existing.

      - [Wand Tool and Bucket Tool] Does not work for layer mask.

      - [Wand Tool and Bucket Tool] Does not work on translucent region when the selection mode is "Transparent Area".

      - [Marker Tool] Transparent color does not work correctly.

      - [Adjustment Filter] Does not work correctly when pixels opacity of the target layer is protected.

      - [JPEG Format] An access violations occurs when "JPEG Quality" dialog is opened.

      - [JPEG Format] The colors of a gray scale JPEG file are converted to magenta in error.


      - [Wand Tool and Bucket Tool] Changed to be able to use when the target layer is invisible.

      - [Create Selection by Clicking Layer Thumbnail] Changed to be able to use when the target layer is invisible.

      - [Selection] Changed to not change the visibility of the selection when the selection is invisible when Undo/Redo selecting.

      - [Brush Tools] Adjusted the pressure sensitivity for brush density when "Amplify Dens." is 100.

      - [Brush Tools] Adjusted the result of blot forms to similar to Ver.1.

      - [Eraser Tool, SelPen Tool, SelErs Tool] Changed the default settings to ignore the pressure sensitivity. (Same as Ver.1)

      - [Marker Tool] Changed the default settings; "Amplify Dens."=100, "Ver1 Prs Spec."=On.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Viewbar] Program freezes when dragged a viewbar item and dropped to itself.

      - [Layer] Clipping group in a layer folder become disabled temporarily when show a layer folder alone.

      - [Layer] Access violation occurs when try to create a perspective ruler or a perspective grid.

      - [Transform] Access violation occurs when transformed an image in selection region and undo transformation immediately.


      [New Features]

      - Reordering for viewbar items.

      - Layer copy to a viewbar item from layer list.

      - Context menu for viewbar item.

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Separated Panel] Separated panel is able to close by Alt+F4, and Access violation occurs when program closed.

      - [View] The angle and the horizontal direction are not applied correctly for the center mark of the ellipse ruler and for pressure CPs.

      - [Layer List] Cannot move a layer list item to the bottom of layer list.

      - [Layer] Change of layer visibility is not appeared on navigator and other sibling views immediately.

      - [Layer] Clipping group become not disabled temporarily when show a layer alone.

      - [Layer] Bucket tool and Gradation tool are not blocked for a layer in a locked folder.

      - [Bucket Tool] Striped garbage appears when transparent color is selected and green and blue of the current color are 0.

      - [Pressure Tool] The pressure rate popup is not hidden when added pressure CP.

      - [Gaussian Blur] Access violation occurs when layer image is spread outside canvas.

      SAI2 64bit - 2016-12-24 Technical Preview
      SAI2 32bit - 2016-12-24 Technical Preview
    • New One
      Oh wie die Zeit vergeht ich hab schon wieder geschlafen und einige Technical Previews verpasst.


      SAI2 64bit - 2017-06-07b Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.5M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2017-06-07b Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.3M)
      Wer nachlesen möchte was sich geändert hat und das ist nicht wenig! :aha-!:

      Spoiler anzeigen


      [New Features]

      - Recovery function for works from crash etc.. ([File] menu -> [Recover Work])

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Recent Files] SAI ends immediately with corpulence of the recent files data.

      - [View] Sometimes SAI runs out of control with an access violation after resizing of canvas.

      - [View] Sometimes painting results are not applied to views other than the current view.

      - [Pen Tablet Control] Sometimes mouse operation is not enabled after leaving of a pen from a tablet surface.

      - [Layer Mask] The result of applying of a layer mask get corruptions partly.

      - [Shape Layers] Invisible control points remained even if all control points are deleted.

      - [Shape Layers] "Select Strokes with Selection" includes paths selected and deselected before.

      - [Shape Layers] [Intersections] mode of [Eraer] tool detects intersections with anchor points of Bezier curves.

      - [Layer List] Sometimes cannot select a current layer in a folder with shortcut key.

      - [Clipboard] Clipboard data of layer mask is converted to a corrupted bitmap when ending SAI.

      - [Clipboard] The blend order is reversed when multiple layer images are pasted to an other program.

      - [Tool Shift] Does not detect keyup until end of drag even if upped a key immediately after the start of drag.

      - [Lasso Tool] Syringe of right click does not work.

      - [Shape Tool] The guide rectangle is reversed horizontally when reached to the maximum size.

      - [User Interface] The content of listboxes are corrupted when changed the screen resolution.


      - [History] The undo/redo count changed to variable count between 100 to 200(or more) from fixed count of 100.
      (Only when the recovery function is enabled. Otherwise the undo/redo count is 100.)

      - [Layer List] Improved the operation feeling for item selection.

      - [Current Color] Changed to deselect transparency when exchanged the fore-ground color and the back-ground color

      - [Binary Color Effect] Change the behavior to same as Ver.1.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Eraser Tool(for Linework)] [Intersections] of [Extend To] does not work.

      - [Magic Wand and Bucket Tool] Program freezes occasionally when [Anti-Aliasing] is enabled.

      - [Syringe] Does not work on non-active view.

      - [Resizing of Canvas] View is not updated when the resized canvas is placed outside view.


      - [View] Extended the margins of canvas on the window mode a little.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Floating View] Strokes begin with 100% pressure after operation of other windows on SAI.

      - [History] The error handling is incorrect for creation of history data file.

      - [Recovery] SAI freezes if an error occurred in creation of a thumbnail for [Recover Work] dialog.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Layer Move] An access violation occurs when moved a layer folder that specified a layer paper.
    • Neues Update der Beta! :=D:
      So es gibt neues!

      SAI2 64bit - 2017-07-29 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.5M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2017-07-29 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.3M)

      Spoiler anzeigen


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Brush Tools] [Click Detection Pressure] of [Pen Tablet] setting in [Options] dialog does not work correctly.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Magic Wand and Bucket Tool] Does not work correctly when applied to a layer mask with [Merged Image] mode of [Selection Source].


      - [Brush Tools] Improved sharpness of the start and the end of pressured brush stroke again.


      [New Features]

      - WinTab control option same as Ver.1
      (Mouse mode same as Ver.1 became available)

      - Settings for the maximum size of navigator.

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [History] Closed layer folders are opened when undo or redo operation.

      - [History] Does not close some history files when open, edit and close a canvas quickly.

      - [Change Canvas Resolution] Change only of "Printing Resolution" does not work.

      - [Change Canvas Resolution] Access violations occur when floater exists.

      - [Clipboard] An access violation occurs when floater exists.

      - [Separated Panels] Tool parameters are not updated with tool-shift operation.

      - [Panels] Some parameters are not updated.

      - [Panels] When separated navigator panel and layers panel, those layouts break if user interface was scaled up.

      - [Tools] Tool selection of tail switch of stylus does not work except for normal layer.

      - [Tools] Tool selection of tail switch is not independent for SelPen and SelErs. (Different from Ver.1)

      - [Eraser Tool(for Linework)] Program sometimes freezes when erase straight line with [Extend To: Intersections] option.


      - [Options Dialog] Separated pages with category.

      - [Brush Tools] Changed the default value of [Amplify Dens.] to 50 from 0. (Exclude Water Color and Marker)

      - [Brush Tools] Improved sharpness of the start and the end of pressured brush stroke.

      - [Brush Tools] Changed the feeling of pressure sensitivity 101 to 200 of density.

      - [Brush Tools] Added the option to enable similar feeling to Ver.1 stabilizer. (Options -> Tool)

      - [Canvas Save] Changed the file save logic again to avoid confriction about some file synchronization program.

      - [PSD File] Changed to detect blend modes of Luminosity and Shade in PSD file that created by Ver.1.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...

    • Neues Update der Beta!
      So es gibt neues!

      SAI2 64bit - 2017-08-20 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.5M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2017-08-20 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.3M)


      Spoiler anzeigen


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Ver.1 Style WinTab Control] The mouse cursor is put at a different point from the drawing point, on multi-monitor environment.


      - [Panels] Modified layout of brush tools.

      And some other small changes...


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [View/Scratch pad] View and the scratch pad malfunction with particular operations


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Initialize] Cannot start program if a file of scratch pad data is not existing.


      [New Features]

      - Scratch pad

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [View] Unable to select any item in the context menu on a view.

      - [View] Unable to change the order of floating views by the view bar.

      - [Shape Layers] Access violations occur in a rare condition about the internal memory layout.

      - [Layer Mask] A thumbnail in layer list breaks when the width or the height of canvas is larger than 11585px.

      - [Multicore Operation] Big delays occur when the number of logical cores is large than 32.


      - [Panels] Modified layout.

      And some other small changes...

    • Neue Technische Preview erschienen!

      SAI2 64bit - 2017-12-01 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.5M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2017-12-01 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.4M)


      Spoiler anzeigen


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Recovery] Layer information are not appeared correctly to the layer list in some cases.

      - [Layer] Access violations occur when opened a *.sai file that included layers that the length of layer name is zero.

      - [Tools] The stroke stabilizer of level 10 is always applied to tools other than brush tools.

      - [Brush Tools] Water fringes are not updated when the brush size is smaller than 64.

      - [Lasso Tool] Curve interpolation is not applied to Lasso tool.


      - [Brush Tools] Changed to display an additional brush circle of maximum size when not stroking.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Layer Folder] Cannot cut, move and transform child invisible layers with selection region.

      - [Layer Folder] [Lock] for pixel opacity does not apply to child layers.


      - [Layer Processing] Modified the rule for invisible layers processing and modified associated settings in [Options] dialog.
       (Those modification are applied to Cut, Move, Transformation, Rasterization and Color Adjustment)

      And some other small changes...


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Layer Merge] An access violation occurs when merges a layer folder and child layers.

      - [Layer Merge] The result becomes rasterized when a shape type layer of a parent of a clipping group merged to a shape type layer.

      - [Concentric Ellipse Ruler] The guide disappears when rotate or flip the ruler.

      - [Concentric Ellipse Ruler] Straight lines appear when made a stroke as crossed the ruler.

      - [Perspective Grid] The guide does not rotate when rotated the ruler if the snap mode is [None].


      - [Layer Folder] Enabled again painting operations for child layers when a layer folder is selected.

      - [Transform] Added an option to keep line width of ink strokes.

      - [Options Dialog] Added some options into [Preference].

      - [Settings File] Improved the recovery logic when the settings file was corrupted.


      [New Features]

      - Parallel Line Ruler, Concentric Ellipse Ruler, Vanishing Point Ruler

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Brush Tools] Blotmap does not work.

      - [Transform] Reverse and Rotate 90deg. for floater do not work.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [History] Access violations occur when undo or redo painting.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Linework Layer] strokes are not displayed in correct line width.

      - [Perspective Grid] Program freezes if specified 0 as the division number for axes.


      [New Features]

      - Smudge Tool
      (Please create Smudge Tool manually by the context menu on an empty slot of the custom tool tray)

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Ruler Layer] The UI of ruler on the quick bar is not controlling correctly if the layer panel is separated.

      - [Transform] Rotation for 90deg. does not work correctly in the transformation mode.

      - [Gaussian Blur] Access violations occur when changed [Preview] checkbox quickly.

      - [PSD File] A corrupted PSD file is created if a layer has a name longer than 255 in multibyte encoding.


      - [GUI Control] Changed the logic of blocking operations for file I/O or transformation etc.

      - [Brush Tools] Discontinued pressure checkboxes and added pressure buttons on the left side of each slider that associated.

      - [Brush Tools] Added [Anti-Ripple] checkbox that suppress ripple like artifacts on the brush stroke of a flattest large brush.
      (This feature was always enabled on the previous preview version or before)

      - [Brush Tools] Improved the speed of flattest large brushes more than 15%.

      - [Brush Tools] Changed the width of edge blur to same as Ver.1.

      - [Brush Tools] Improved the behavior of bristles.

      - [Brush Tools] Added the switch of pressure applying for [Dilution].

      - [Marker Tool] Changed the density of single click painting to same as Ver.1 if [Amplify Dens.] is 100.

      - [Lasso Tool] Changed to apply the stabilizer when [Selection Mode] is [Freeform].

      - [Options Dialog] Rearranged categories.

      And some other small changes...

    • Wieder eine neue Technische Preview erschienen.
      Langsam wird es Zeit Mr. Kamatsu komm gib Gas! :streaming-mad:

      SAI2 64bit - 2017-12-27 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.6M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2017-12-27 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.4M)


      Spoiler anzeigen


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Shape Layers] Pressure CPs and bezier handles are displayed in the view scale.

      - [Copy Layer] Both of the origin layer and the copied layer are selected after the copy.

      - [Fringe/Layer Paper] Sometimes access violations occur when [Layer Effect Color] is [Ver.1 Like].

      - [Recovery Work] An access violation occurs when the selection is invisible at the recovery point.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Selection] Becomes unable to use SelPen and SelErs by the caution for an invisible layer when deselected hidden selection.

      - [Tool Shift] Sometimes a key is ignored when pressed the key and a tool shift key at the same timing.

      - [Copy Layer] When copied a layer folder that has an independent moving group, the copied group is merged to the original group.

      - [Canvas] An access violation occurs when closed a deactivated canvas by a shortcut key.

      - [Text Layer] The caret position is not recovered by Undo or Redo.

      - [Syringe] If the background of a canvas is transparent, the syringe picks white instead of transparency when used the syringe near a painting.

      - [Syringe, Select and Move Layer] Layer mask is ignored.

      - [PSD File] An access violation occurs when saved a canvas that included small transparent shapes.


      - [Bristle] Improved the sensitivity of splitting of hairs when a stroke turned back.

      - [Select All] For a shape type layer, changed to select all CPs. For a text layer, changed to select all text.

      - [Magic Wand and Bucket Tool] Added a checkbox to ignore the existing selection(or painted parts) from the searching of a region.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...
    • Neue Technische Preview erschienen! :excited:
      SAI2 64bit - 2018-04-30 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.6M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2018-04-30 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.4M)

      Spoiler anzeigen


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Configure Canvas Size Presets] The scrollbar for size presets is not displayed.

      - [View] The context menu function on the view bar is always applied to the active view.

      - [Water Color] An access violation occurs when applied a blot-map.

      - [Syringe] Cannot pick a correct color in a merged image when the canvas background color is transparent.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Pen Tablet Control] Cannot operate non-client area by mouse(included mouse events that generated by WinTab) on Windows 10.

      - [Marker] Blot-maps do not work.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Canvas Save] If the filename included ":", the canvas is saved as "Alternate Data Stream" of NTFS.

      - [Change Canvas Resolution] The printing metrics is not calculated when [Fix Horizontal and Vertical Pixels] is checked.

      - [View] Access violation occurs when changed the resolution of monitor.

      - [View] The activation status of a floating view is not controlled correctly.

      - [Text Layer] The keyboard focus is lost when changed a current layer from a text layer by undo, redo, Ctrl+Shift+LayerClick or etc..

      - [Ruler Layers] All rulers are displayed when undo or redo [Change Canvas Size].

      - [Layer Mask] The thumbnail of layer mask is not updated when changed the parent of a layer mask.

      - [Bucket Tool] [Ignore Existing Selection] always work even if unchecked it.

      - [Layer Select & Move] Parts that hid by layer masks are selectable.


      - [New Canvas] Added configuration features for size presets.

      - [Filename Input] Changed to block forbidden character codes of filename.

      - [Brush] Changed initial parameters.

      - [Water Color] Improved the painting quality.

      - [Marker] Improved the painting quality to similar to Ver.1.

      - [Marker] Changed initial parameters.

      - [Pen Tool] Added a setting to adjust the removal range of hooks at the both ends of a stroke.

      - [Magic Wand and Bucket Tool] Modified the algorithm for [Transparent Area].

      - [Pen Tablet Control] Improved the operation feelings of the pen input, for Windows 8 or later.
      (Changed to ignore the Microsoft WinTab driver. For a while, changed to ignore the gesture on view windows.)

      - [Memory Management] Improved the management of reserved memory.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...

    • Neue Technische Preview erschienen!

      SAI2 64bit - 2018-05-07 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.6M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2018-05-07 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.4M)

      Spoiler anzeigen


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Draw Outline] An access violation occurs when apply to different canvases.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Memory Management] Sometimes the usage of one CPU increases to around 100% after painting, layer moving and etc..

      - [Layer Mask] A few errors occur when cut away a floater with selection and move it.


      - [Dropdown List] Changed the detection method of cancel to not use mouse capture.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Memory Management (Only 64bits Version)] On Windows 10 1803, mass memory is allocated from start of program.
      (The cause: Windows 10 1803 reserves mass virtual address space from start of program.)

      - [Window Control] On Windows 10, A windows is not activated when click a scrollbar by mouse(includes WinTab).

      - [View] On Windows 10, the first click by mouse(includes WinTab) is ignored after a window is activated.

      - [Floating View] IME is always enabled on views.

      - [Magic Wand and Bucket Tool] A selection or a painting leaks onto border lines when [Selection Mode] is [Similar Colored Area].

      - [Draw Outline] Cannot apply to layer masks.

      - [UI] Some UI parts(The erase button etc.) are grayed incorrectly.

      - [System ID Dialog] Does not reject inputs by IME.


      - [PSD File] Changed to accept layer folders that have image data.

    • Neue Technische Preview erschienen :excited:

      SAI2 64bit - 2018-05-26 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.6M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2018-05-26 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.4M)


      Spoiler anzeigen


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Resize Canvas] Internal data are corrupted when other canvas was closed after expansion of canvas size.

      - [Selection] Old selections are not deselected when do [Select All].

      - [View] The layouts of embedded views are corrupted after activated a floating view and next closed an embedded view.


      - [Multicore Operation] Modulated the priority of each thread.

      - [Bristle] Re-tuned the quality and speed of the painting.

      - [Bristle] Improved the detection of turn.

      - [Brush Tools] Changed to apply [Blend] instead of [Dilution] to transparent color painting.
      (Changed to the behavior same as Ver.1.)

      - [Options Dialog] Added a checkbox [Do not hide separated panels when turned off [Show All User Interface Panels]].
    • Neue Neue Technische Preview erschienen
      Eigendlich schon 2 hab nur vergessen diese einzutragen.
      Naja die letzte Aktuelle nun.

      SAI2 64bit - 2018-09-20 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.7M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2018-09-20 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.5M)

      Spoiler anzeigen


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [System File Dialog] An access violation occurs when open System File Dialog.

      - [Layer List] Program freezes when dragged layer items to outside of the layer list.

      - [Scattering] Access violations occur when changed [Size Jitter].

      - [Scattering] [Size Jitter] is applied to the upscaling side too. (It should be applied to only the downscaling side)

      - [Scattering] The minimum value of [Scattering] is 1%. (It should be 0%)

      - [Brush UI Panel] The layout of the tool panel is not changed immediately when opened or closed a pane.

      - [Brush Tools ] The center of size circle slipped out when resizing brush size relatively by Ctrl+Alt+drag.


      - [Scattering] Added some parameters for the scattering in the brush forms.


      [New Features]

      - Per-Monitor DPI support (Windows 8.1 or later)

      - Scattering as brush forms (Provisional implement)

      - Brush preview
      (The preview is able to show/hide with [Show User Interface Panel] in [Window] menu)

      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Transform] Access violations occur if showed or hid selection while transformation.

      - [Gradation Tool] An access violation occurs when some rulers are enabled.

      - [Brush Tools] Density

      - [Linework Layer] Bezier handles are selected by [Select Strokes with Selection].

      - [View] The brush size circle disappears when changed a view by shortcut key.


      - [Brush Tools] Adjusted the feeling of brush density when [Ver1 Prs Spec] is enabled.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...
    • Neue Neue Technische Preview erschienen

      SAI2 64bit - 2018-10-28 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.6M)
      SAI2 32bit - 2018-10-28 Technical Preview (Zip Archive, 2.5M)

      Spoiler anzeigen


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Change Canvas Resolution] Always access violations occur.

      - [Brush Preview] The visibility setting is not preserved correctly.


      [Fixed Bugs]

      - [Transform] Access violations occur when [Resample Settings] is 'Bilinear' and the canvas width or height is 2^n-1.

      - [Linework Layer] Stroke parameters are corrupted when transformed strokes or deleted control points.

      - [Water Color] Strange color appears when [Dilution] is 0 and painted with lower pressure.

      - [Scattering] Cannot paint with correct density by Marker tool.

      - [Pressure Tool] Cannot change the pressure correctly when added a pressure control point and drag it immediately.

      - [Brush Tool Panel] The layout in separated tool panel is not changed immediately when changed the brush form.

      - [Window Control] The vertical size of a window is not maximized when double-clicked the top or bottom edge of the window.

      - [Syringe] The picked color is not applied to gradation or text layer.


      - [Brush Tool Panel] Added a setting into [Window] Menu to display size list items in only numerals.

      - [Brush Tool Panel] Added a setting into [Window] Menu to display size list on upper side.

      - [Layer List etc.] Expanded the drag detection distance to 150%.

      - [Scratch Pad] Changed to be able to pick a color when selected a tool other than brush tools.

      - [Gradation Tool] Improved the dithering.

      - [Straight Ruler] Changed to be able to rotate the ruler with 'Ctrl + Drag' outside ruler body.

      - [Perspective Ruler] Changed the initial position.

      And some other small changes and some small bug fixes...


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